I know we've traveled far together.
This last distance must necessarily be traveled alone. -Scully




I watched Memento Mori for the first time in the year 2000, and to this day, it is still my favorite episode of The X-Files. At the height of the show a few years back, there were a lot more web sites out there and it seemed that all the really good eps were all taken for fanlistings.

I've waited a long time for this one, and I am so happy to have been approved for it by The Fanlistings Network. It is one of my dreams come true!

For those of us philes who called ourselves "shippers", Memento Mori tore at our hearts with a heroine who found the courage to fight a real-life disease, and a hero who would have done anything to save her. And although the words were never spoken, they didn't need to be. We knew... us philes knew. Mulder and Scully really cared for each other, and we saw it in their eyes.

Yes, the famous first-kiss scene was cut from the original episode, but that was ok... we eventually saw and knew that it happened. Maybe it wasn't the right time for the show... but wow!

Memento Mori wasn't about a kiss though... it was about two people who found out they cared for each other, maybe deeper than they would admit. It was about a woman who refused to give up, a man who refused to accept defeat, and a relationship that nothing could break apart. It is an episode that will always be remembered by fans. So, if you loved it too, come and join our list.

episode quote

thumbnail You just look at this shot, you know these people love each other... they don't need to say it. -Frank Spotnitz